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The Villa was built in the seventeenth century by a noble Milanese family. Between 1811 and 1818 its owner, together with architect Riccardo Speroni, studied the construction of the central body that, with the existing one, made this Villa become so similar to the French style now characterizing its structure. During the nineteenth century, the owners gave shape to the fabulous park. It is approximately 60.000 square meters and has a variety of important trees such as plane trees, chestnuts, magnolia trees, and ashes now over a hundred years’ old. The owners also chose to grow plants such as Robinia Pseudo Acacia and different varieties of hydrangeas, which was considered very innovative at the time. The Villa and its park, still today private residence of the original owners, remained unaltered through the decades and keeps alive the charm of many historical testimony. A newly renovated large hall and the magnificent park are suitable to organize any sort meetings and events.

Opening period: all year



– catering of the venue
– chauffeur (extra cost)


  • Milan 8 km
  • Linate Airport 15 km
  • Malpensa Airport 40 km

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