Dream&Charme presents its first home decor and travel collection

IMG_20160411_183021On the occasion of the 2016 Milan Design Week, the high profile hospitality leader in Italy with its 500 Dwellings and over 50.000 guests per year, presents its first luxury home decor collection.

In fact, the taste of the prestigious Dream&Charme Dwellings has inspired refined home and travel accessories, conceived to represent the Italian Lifestyle.

The products design starts from the “golden ratio” proportion, indicating in visual arts the relationship between two unequal lengths and also going under the name of “proportion of beauty and perfection”. This is the basis of their uniqueness, found also in Raffaello and Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings and in the extraordinary masterpieces by Le Corbusier.

Dream&Charme products, ranging from the living area furnishing designed by Silvia Fanticelli, to bedroom and bathroom linen and to the innovative and elegant travel bags, can be purchased on the dedicated e-shop and in some carefully selected stores.