On 22 June 2020 DREAM&CHARME obtained accreditation from Accredia (accreditation n. PRD297B) becoming a real Certification Body in accordance with the ISO17065 standard like the large Certification Bodies but it is the only one accredited Body to be specialized on “Evaluation and certification of accommodation facilities”.

DREAM&CHARME is therefore today the first and only Certification Body officially accredited by Accredia (the Italian Accreditation Body, www.accredia.it) to be able to issue Certifications to accommodation facilities both in Italy and internationally, guaranteeing the requirements of the Standard D&C:2020 which incorporates both the experience of DREAM&CHARME in the tourism sector over 15 years and the fundamental principles of the rules on the sustainability of tourism and the best practices of the tourism sector.

The application of this Standard ensures that the structure exists, precisely in that position, precisely with the declared characteristics of the website or from the brochure, that it has the safety and sanitation requirements, that it has real attention to social, environmental and of proper management, etc. with over 800 parameters of careful analysis and evaluation and, if the structure reaches the required score, it obtains the DREAM&CHARME Certification.

The goal of the founder and CEO of DREAM&CHARME, Giorgio Caire of Lauzet, was to finalize a project presented as a concept for the first time in 2010 and carried forward steadily in the following years but which has assumed the status of “project of national relevance “at the end of 2019 also providing its contribution to the restart of our country with new confidence and protection of the Italian tourist heritage as a strategic resource for recovery.

The DREAM&CHARME Certification is therefore today an Italian reality with an international value, an all-Italian pride.

Dream&Charme Srl was founded by Giorgio Caire di Lauzet in 2006 with the aim of providing concrete and professional support to owners of high and very high profile residences with historical or cultural value or of artistic or design relevance or representing the Italian lifestyle in its maximum expression of hospitality.

All homes certified by DREAM&CHARME have adopted the health security requirements required by OMS, are guaranteed and ready to host families who want a well-deserved period of freedom, serenity and peace with maximum safety and comfort.

In DREAM&CHARME dwellings it is possible to carry out self check in, subject to specific agreements with the manager or owner of the dwelling, it is also possible to rent them for periods such as one, two or three months, or for a week or even for a few days in some periods of the year.

DREAM&CHARME dwellings have unique characteristics and are perfect for spending a period without worries with loved ones and friends at the sea, in the countryside, on the hills with a beautiful swimming pool, a well-kept garden and all the services you desire.

For couples who want to spend a few days or a single night in paradise I recommend the GLASS HOUSE & SPA, a truly special and unique place in Italy, a super suite with a complete SPA available to its guests (maximum 2) with 21 experiences to live in the Glass House and in the surrounding area such as food & wine tastings, yoga, mindfulness, cooking classes, and much more to discover.